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Choosing Organic Tea

Tea really does embody wellness in a cup, doesn’t it?

While a tea bag may do the trick, it’s far from the only way to enjoy tea. 

In fact, most tea drinkers prefer loose leaf teas, which offer a more complex flavor profile. Similarly, many opt for organic teas, which have a much more pure and unadulterated flavor.

TIY Organic Teas

All Tea It Yourself teas, herbal infusions, and ingredients are quadruple-certified, so you can rest assured that you’re drinking 100% organic tea.

In fact, we are certified organic by the following organizations:

  • USDA Organic: An extension of the United States Department of Agriculture, this government program certifies that the organic products have been grown without the use of genetic engineering; chemical pesticides, herbicide, and insecticides; ionizing radiation or toxic sludge.
  • Canada Organic: This certification from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency assures consumers that 95% or more of the food product meets the strict requirements of the Canadian Organic Regime.
  • Ecocert: An international independent inspection and certification body that’s certified food, cosmetics, supplements, cleaning products, and more for over 25 years.
  • EU Organic: The EU Organic logo certifies that 95% or more of the agricultural produce in a product is organic. It’s a part of the Organic Farming Initiative of the European Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development.

TIY is an all-organic brand because we strongly believe that buying organic is best for the environment, for farmers, and for tea drinkers alike.

If you’re looking to incorporate more organic goods into your diet, look no further than our TIY Organic Tea Kits!

What is Organic?

Organic tea is grown using environmentally-safe farming methods. As such, it’s free of pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, and additives. 

This means that farmers rely on beneficial bugs, nutrient-rich compost, and practices like crop rotation to protect and feed their crops. These practices support a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. 

Why Should I Choose Organic?

Tea is the second most enjoyed beverage in the world –behind water alone. So it’s no surprise that tea production has a huge impact on the environment.

 Conventional tea, like all other produce, is grown using pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals like herbicides and insecticides. This makes it easier for farmers to grow and harvest their crops. Organic teas, however, don’t contain any traces of these harmful chemicals.

Conventional chemicals and farming practices aren’t good for the environment since they involve depleting nutrients from the soil and harming essential pollinators like bees.  They can also have a negative impact on your health, as many pesticides are carcinogenic.  That’s why governments around the world have banned certain pesticides entirely.

Going organic may seem daunting at first, but it truly is a process. Star your organic journey by exploring the organic section at your local grocery store, researching organic cosmetics and home goods or steeping a cup of organic TIY tea!